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Meet the Artist

Kirsten Easthope was born October 11, 1964, in Salt Lake City Utah. Growing up in a 90% Mormon community, and not being one herself, she found her surroundings repressive and excruciatingly boring. She would long to visit her grandmother in the exciting city of Reno Nevada. There she would bask in the glow of the neon lights on the strip, and gaze at the beautiful showgirl statues spinning on top of the Primadona Casino. This was paradise. A place with glitter, glamour, and torrid painted ladies.

Back home in Utah, she would seek refuge in the bowling alley where her grandfather was a semi-pro bowling champ. It is no wonder that years later she would combine these fond childhood memories into lovely works of art.

After attending the University of Utah, and completing her degree at the Colorado Institute of Art, Kirsten spent several years as a graphic designer. But those were sad, empty years. She spent each day trying to please the masses and assimilate into the corporate world. She knew that she could never be happy in the world of BMWs, power suits, and two martini lunches. So she dropped out and opted for the life of a poor struggling pin up artist. She is extremely happy now, living in a tiny apartment in Colorado, with her magical black cat, Stymie.

Kirsten's pin-ups have graced everything from custom Fender Guitars, to Rocketbuster Cowboy Boots, to the sets of the movie "Anger Management" and custom boots for Jennifer Tilly. Her artwork has appeared in International Tattoo Art magazine, Club International magazine,Juxtapoz magazine, and she will be featured in the book "Vicious, Delicious, and Ambitious" by Sherri Cullison Pfouts, from Schiffer Publishing.

The following galleries have shown Kirsten's work:

Copro Nason - Los Angeles
CBGB's 313 - New York
La Luz de Jesus - Los Angeles
Tart Gallery - Vancouver
Roq la Rue - Seattle
DC Galery - Denver
CROP - Detroit
Fuse - New York
Varnish - San Francisco
Gallery Saccade - San Diego
Tin Man Alley - Philadelphia

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